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Imperial Court 帝豪閣
Sussex Court 海雅閣
Chong Yip Centre 創業中心
Ka On Building 嘉安大廈
80 Robinson Road 羅便臣道80號
Midland Court 美蘭閣
Royal Villa 六也別墅
King's Hill 眀徳山
Garley Building 嘉利大廈
East Sun Mansion 宜新大廈
Shun Fai Building 順暉大廈
Soho 189 西浦
Prosperous Height 嘉富臺
The Belcher’s 寶翠園
King's Garden 健園
Gramercy 瑧環
Arbuthnot House 亞畢諾大廈
Blessings Garden 殷樺花園
The Rednaxela 帝華臺
Floral Tower 福熙苑
Golden Lodge 金帝軒
Magnolia Mansion 景香樓
Magnolia Mansion 景香樓
Caine Tower 景怡居
Bohemian House 瑧璈
Grandview Tower 慧景臺
Glory Heights 嘉和苑
Kee On Building 祺安大廈
Miramar Villa 美麗村
Shing Kok Mansion 醒閣
The Masterpiece 名鑄

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Easyhomie Property is a unique real estate agency that provides professional sales and rental services in Hong Kong.

Our professional and passionate team aims to provide exclusive home searching services to our valuable Customers. Placing the customer in our first place, we adhere to the customer-oriented and high-efficient work processes by providing timely reply to customer inquiries, resolving customer inquiries, and actively communicate with Customers.

We provide comprehensive services to facilitate Landlords and our Customers regarding the sale, lease, and purchase of properties. Our services include arrange properties viewing, agreement negotiation, moving in, and continuous valuable support, etc. to provide Customers with extensive agency services.

Please feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience if you are looking for a brand new home searching experience.

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